This specific tint has been around for years to help fight against light sensitivity and photophobia.

This speciality eyewear tint FL-41 was first introduced in the early 1990, designed for people with light sensitivity and mostly recommended for patients with migraine, post-concussion syndrome and many other light-sensitive conditions.


Who will it help?

There are more than 50 known medical conditions associated with light sensitivity and photophobia including attention deficit disorder

Anyone, who generally feels badly under artificial fluorescents or staring at digital screens all day can enjoy the positive results of FL-41 tint


How does it work?

Glasses that are professionally fitted with this specific FL-41 block approx. 80% of blue light within the spectrum of 480-520 nanometers (nm).

Clinical research showed that those wavelengths were the most likely to trigger or aggravate light sensitivity.

Exposure to this light can hurt the eyes and brain of a vulnerable patient, it can also bring on other symptoms of their illness—dizziness or vertigo, nausea, anxiety and more.


A 15year old boy with ADHD and Tics messaged

“Hi Tracy, the glasses are amazing, the tinted ones are so good, I’ve been able to sleep, and it helped my tics too”


We know how hard it can be for clients with medical conditions in busy environments, the noise the concentration, it can be all too much.

So we offer a one-to-one consultations in a quiet environment

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