About our glasses

We bring you unique custom made, bespoke glasses handmade by Roger Henley and styled by Tracy Murray The Glasses Lady.

During your Eyewear Styling Consultation, we go on a journey to discover shapes and colours that work best with your features and personality to create a unique pair of glasses.

With over 300 colours to choose from, we have something for everyone.

We are always looking to introduce new and exciting frames, our new The Elusive Miss Lou collection brings you a fusion of colour, a new innovative fabric on acetate design with beautiful vibrant colours. 

Miss Lou creates her designs whilst sat on Avalon beach in NSW Australia

Having styled and dispensed over 40.000 pairs of glasses, we pride ourselves on attention to detail, carefully selecting and customising lenses, to bring you the perfect pair of glasses to fall in love with

We partner with a local, independent laboratory in Western Australia who have over three decades of lens manufacturing experience. Their world-class Freeform equipment coupled with high technical skills enable them to produce a vast range of superior quality lenses to meet your individual specific needs.

True clarity goes beyond a mere pair of glasses. The intensity of clear and natural vision with style comes from wearing a pair of glasses that have been carefully designed and created to provide you with eyewear to love.

Your journey begins here, today, The Glasses Lady will get you there, giving you a feeling of inspiration to take on the world.