About our glasses

Detailed attention to your eye care is of paramount importance to us, therefore we have carefully selected our products here in Australia.

We partner with a local, independent laboratory in Western Australia who have over three decades of lens manufacturing experience. Their world-class Freeform equipment coupled with high technical skills enable them to produce a vast range of superior quality lenses to meet your specific needs. 

True clarity goes beyond a mere pair of glasses. The intensity of clear and natural vision comes from wearing a pair of glasses that have been carefully created to provide you with optimal vision. We continually ensure that we utilise the highest quality materials and implement the best possible processes.

Many of our frames have unique Australian names with true spiritual meanings, a tribal rhythm and deep tone which are compelling and different. Such as Alinta meaning Flame and Jannali, meaning Moon.

Part of our range is named after our children and grandchildren which defines us as a true family business.

Your journey to clearer vision begins here, let SpiritualEyes help you get there. 

With great vision, everything becomes clear.