Avoid neck pain by wearing the right glasses

Struggling with your new multifocals?

Find out why!

Choosing the Correct Multifocal Lenses for Your Task is so important!!

There are dozens of different lenses out there to choose from and choosing the wrong lens can screw up your experience as a wearer.

Choosing the wrong lens will have you fidgeting around searching for the sweet spot and wondering what the hell is going on!

By the end of the day, you’ll have neck ache, back ache and the glasses will be lucky that you’ve haven’t thrown them to the wall.

Lenses can and should be customised around your script and lifestyle, and consider both your work environment and leisure time activities.

Some wearers need a wider distance area, others may need more computer /near.

Are you short or long sighted?

Do you work on several computers a day?

Are you a Truck driver, or a motorbike rider?

A golfer?

The list is endless however, everyone will have their own specific needs from a lens.

A good dispenser will TAKE TIME to ask these very important questions to work out what the best solution for the wearer is!

Grab a coffee and let us have a chat about what you need!

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