Designer Label or Custom Made?

What appeals to you???





They say how they struggle when choosing glasses.

They struggle because they just don’t know what suits them and they don’t know who they can turn to, who they can TRUST to make the right choices.


They say they feel rushed in to making a quick decision and end up buying a ‘they’ll do’ pair of glasses.

They say they’re fed-up of seeing the same old glasses every year they go to see the Optometrist. 

They get frustrated because they can’t find glasses that fit them properly

They’re DESPERATELY in search for something different and something better.

Creating your own unique frame design and colour requires the expertise of a stylist, one that’s passionate about how the finished piece will be showcased on your face, and how it will make you feel.

There is a SMARTER way to make the right decision on your eyewear choices. You need someone with expertise, someone who knows the eyewear industry, and is skilled and experienced in helping people look stunning and feeling good in their glasses.

The person you choose to trust should be someone who has done all the research, and who lives and breathes in the eyewear industry. That person can truly advise you, and you can benefit from their insider knowledge.

Someone who really understands the process, focuses on styling you as an individual, knows how you feel about glasses and what you really want.

I offer the complete package; you have my undivided attention, coupled with 30 years’ experience.

This will be the SMARTEST DECISION you will ever make!!

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