Fabulous Eyewear Wardrobe

Introducing Michelle's Fabulous Eyewear Wardrobe! 
Michelle is on a mission to curate the most fabulous collection of glasses ever.
She's taking eyewear to a whole new level with her impeccable taste and style. Let's take a peek at her incredible selections:
Featured in the picture is from the Frank Seed Collection, this frame brings out Michelle's bold side with her custom-made orange frames featuring sparkly black sides. Who knew eyewear could be this fierce? 🍊✨
Michelle also adds a frame from the Roger Henley Collection, Michelle flaunts her custom-made purple stripe frames with translucent pink sides. Talk about a combo that's as unique as she is! 
💃 And then there's The Elusive Miss Lou Gram Patch – the collection that adds a touch of artistry to Michelle's ensemble. These glasses are not just an accessory; they're a statement! 🎨👓
But wait, there's more! Michelle's eyewear journey doesn't stop there. She's not only conquering clear vision but also rocking the sunnies game.
Her Red sunglass frames from The Elusive Miss Lou collection are making sure she shines even on the sunniest days! ☀️🕶️
Michelle's collection is proof that glasses are so much more than sight correctors – they're an extension of your personality and style! 🌈💕
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