How To Get A Copy Of Your Prescription?

How To Get A Copy Of Your Prescription?

Your prescription will be registered at any optometrist or eye practice where you have had an eye exam.

You should be given a copy of your prescription after the exam, but in the event that you are not, you can always request one, it can be emailed out to you or you can collect a printed copy. It is a legal requirement to provide you with your prescription for glasses or contact lenses upon request.

 Once you have your results, you can shop wherever you like.

 3 steps to creating the perfect look to reflect your true personality.

 ✴️ Step 1

Ask for your eye tests results, they belong to you.

 ✴️ Step 2

Book an expert who can help you choose and save the leg work of shopping around.

 ✴️ Step 3

Don’t feel rushed into buying the wrong pair, after all you’ll be wearing them daily for at least a year.

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