Leopard print was popular in high fashion in the 1980’s, a timeless design denoting wealth, power and sophistication.
Leopard prints popularity will rise and fall but it will never go out of style!
It is a pure design of sophistication and class with a beauty that there will always have a place in our world of fashion.
Meet my stunning client Sarah showcasing her Roger Henley Eyewear custom made frame, she truly knows how to create a Leopard print look and rock it too!!
There’s getting dressed for the day and there’s creating and completing an outfit to blow your sox off!
Go on you know you want to!!
Add some oomph to your outfit just like Sarah!!
If you don’t need glasses to see, it may seem weird to try them for for fashion BUT it definitely isn’t!!
Glasses are the statement piece, to showcase your sexy, classy, fun look!!
Whether you need script glasses, blue light filter, computer or sunglasses, we have you covered!!
Can glasses be worn as a fashion accessory, HELL YES!!
Not sure how to accessorise your look?
Call and let us help you  08 6117 2661

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