First there was BLUE Blocking filter lenses and now there is the NEW Neo Contrast Lens!!

The new NEO CONTRAST BLUE Guardian lenses selectively reduce both harmful BLUE LIGHT and distracting YELLOW LIGHT!! 

Wearers are raving about them, noticing IMPROVED colour contrast and CLEARER vision.

And there’s more……..

Performance can be enhanced in high-precision activities like GOLF, SHOOTING, and SNOOKER.

 🖥  Less headaches from being on the computer all day


🚗 Less squinting when night driving, the headlights can be blinding at night!

 This awesome combination will limit Daytime glare as well as intense light while DRIVING at NIGHT.

 With only a 5% blue hue in the lens, Neo Contrast Blue Guardian lenses do not darken the field of view, making them the ideal lens for both indoor and outdoor use.

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