OH MY DAYS!! Why do I still continue to measure multifocals with a black marker pen??
Guess what I did???
Yep, I drew a wobbly line straight across a clients nose 🤣😄🤣
DRAWING ON FACES…. not good!!
That’s not the best of it or should I say the worst!! 🤪
There I was, the Optometrist had handed me the test results, me thinking, time to get to know the client!
Ooh I say, he drives a motorbike, must check driving position,
Hang on he plays tennis and works on 2 computers, one lens ain’t going to do it all!
We decided on 2 different lenses to cover every aspect of his lifestyle, from leisurely Sundays, bike riding through the hills to more mundane tasks flitting from one computer screen to the other.
We’ve got this covered, now to measure!!
Here’s the best bit, stare into your clients eyes, but be careful don’t fall in 😄
Oops one eye is looking at the ocean and one at the beach 🤪(note not asymmetric) this should be fun!
Check PD’s (pupillary distance measurement)
Yep they’re definitely different!! 🤦‍♀️
Pop the frame on the clients face and prepare to measure, black marker pen at the ready, here goes!!
Me to client, please pretend you’re driving your motorbike.
He progresses to lean forward with his head down, hold that position and don’t move!!
I then get down to attempt to mark the heights, I was in a precarious position BUT it has to be right… right?
Then it happened, I fell and drew a wobbly black marker line straight across his nose WTH 🤦‍♀️
I quickly tried to fix it, by giving him a SPIT WASH nooooo, what did I just do!!! 😳
Oops!! (this was 20 years ago)
For those of you that don’t know, the technical term for a spit wash…it is the act of a mother licking her thumb and wiping her child’s face clean with it…. Oops!!!
It was bad enough that I drew on his face, without me giving him the old motherly routine to clean it off!!! 😳
We fell in a heap giggling on the floor, and needless to say we have stayed friends ever since! 🤣
Although I still continue to measure using a marker pen, you’ll be happy to know that I haven’t felt the need to start drawing wobbly lines on my clients face of late, so no more spit washes 🤣😆🤣

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