TAKE 10 YEARS OFF WITH EYE WEAR STYLING, giving you a newfound confidence that reflects your true personality!

Most of my clients are tired of being INVISIBLE, rejecting society’s attempts to define them as traditional, aging, and unexciting.

They crave authenticity and long to seek a colour whether you’re in your 50’S 60’S 70’S and beyond, it’s time to discover the best of you and love it!!

You’re at a stage in your life where you know what you want, that's why it's important to take the time to get back in touch with how incredible you are ...

As we age, we see CHANGES in our skin, hair, and eyes. Often resulting in our skin looking dull and sallow with DARK CIRCLES appearing around the eyes. This is why the colours we put on our faces begin to have way more of an impact.

Choosing the RIGHT COLOUR is a must if we want to maintain a healthy, YOUTHFUL glow.


As we age, GRAVITY begins to take its toll, oh yes!! But do not DESPAIR help is here!!

Gravity will begin to pull our face downwards. Take note AVOID styles like the aviator -which can appear to pull the face downwards, it’s not a good look as you age!!

Look for styles that add lift. Look for a little detail on the upper rim or upswept styles which can appear to give a more visually lift to the face and cheekbones. Way more FLATTERING!!


DARK CIRCLES, now you see them, now you don’t…..

Let the magic begin, you can spend hundreds of $’s on eye creams and surgery, but eyewear that follows the exact circle can appear to eliminate the dark, puffy appearance in an instance!! With the right frame depth, in the exact spot, it truly is magic.

What my clients say….

 ‘It’s the cheapest face lift ever’.

‘I have reached a stage in my life where I am happy to invest in ME!

‘I love the concept of having an eyewear wardrobe and enjoy having a choice of eyewear for different outfits and occasions’

‘I’ve worked all my life I deserve it.’   Hell, YES you do!!



You’re only as young as you feel! Let’s get that feeling back together!!!

With help, you can develop a sense of style bringing out the best of you, making you feel good and look AMAZING!!

DO YOU want to experiment with unique shapes and are prepared to have a little fun, experimenting with new, younger more exciting colourful frames? Then step this way

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