Tracy The Glasses Lady and why she started her unique business

For those of you that haven’t met me, I’m Tracy also known as

The Glasses Lady

 I’m an Eyewear Stylist and Optical Dispenser too.

I started my small business The Glasses Lady to help people make the right choices to look and feel beautiful in their glasses.

 After being in the industry for over 30 years, I was becoming increasingly frustrated when hearing stories of how clients feel rushed in to making the wrong choice of frame and lenses and end up being stuck with them for at least a year.

 How the frame doesn’t fit correctly.

How the lenses don’t work for their occupational or lifestyle needs.

 How multifocal wearers sitting at a computer, are having to raise their head all day, causing neck pain, back and shoulder tension.

 How, when motorcycle riders, or car drivers feel the position of the lens is set too high, hence the distance and peripheral isn’t clear.

 How badly the glasses are fitted. 

I had a nurse telling me how hers had fell off her face during surgery, we did have a chuckle but, let’s face it, things like that shouldn’t happen.

 All frames should be fitted perfectly on collection, It’s not acceptable to say ‘do they feel ok?’ How do you know sat in a chair without moving around... it’s shocking.

 So many people are walking around with glasses that don’t sit properly on the bridge of their nose, they should sit snuggly, following the contour of the shape of your nose, not rock around, especially if you wear Multifocal Progressive Lenses.

How frames are the wrong size, shape, colour or all 3!!

And, just do not represent you and your personality.

 Argh!!!! Rant over....

 Glasses should make you look and feel beautiful, the lenses should make your everyday life easier, you should feel confident that you look stunning and can carry out your daily tasks with ease.


This is why I started my own business, to make sure that I spend valuable time with each individual, to ensure they’re happy with the frame and customised lenses, not only to look gorgeous but can see clearly with comfort.

 This makes me so happy too....

 Want to design your own customised made-to-measure frame? 

Not a problem with our unique custom made range. 

✴️ Choose your design front

✴️ Choose your design sides 

✴️ Mix n match your colours

✴️ Size to fit 

For individual or group bookings 

call  08 6117 2661 or hit the book now button

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