Protect your Eyes from the Sun

If the sun is out pop on your sunnies and protect your dazzling eyes

Not only will you look gorgeous, but you will stop squinting in the bright sunshine which may reduce wrinkles around the eyes. 

Whether you’re heading for the beach, on a camping trip or heading out for a walk, sunglasses are a necessity

Here’s a little more info……. Wearing the right sunglasses will provide protection from harmful UV ray.


  • Your cornea can be sunburned? 
  • Your retina can be damaged by the effects of the sun’s rays, which may lead to loss of vision.
  • UV rays can also cause Pterygiums 
  • 20% of cataract cases are caused by extended UV exposure
  • Eyelid cancer may also be prevented by protecting your eyes from the rays of the sun
  • Bright light can trigger migraines

There are many options for those that need PRESCRIPTION SUNGLASSES, ask away I’m happy to help.

If you love your eyes protect them in style

Look HOT!

Feel COOL!



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