Same old boring frames yawn!!

Hands 🙌 up all those who go to the high street Optometrist and keep seeing the same old safe boring frames?? 

 You have been wearing glasses for some time now, and NEVER find anything you’re totally happy with?

 You rush into buying a ‘run of the mill’ frame  settling for ‘they’re  ok’ and end up hating your glasses. 

 You desperately want  to find something different, stylish, striking, a frame to reflect your true personality? 

 So many Optometrist choose the safe frame options such as neutral, grey, black and brown frames as ‘a one colour fits all’ solution. 

 I hear so many clients who are desperate to find eyewear that reflects you and makes you feel alive!! 

 You love colour and want to feel bright and vibrant when you wear your glasses? 

 You want your  ‘Happy pair’ 

 During our consultation we explore colours, shapes, designs and sizes that give you the

 ‘Wow factor’ to reflect your true personality. 

 In addition to our finished designer frames we have our 

Custom made range!

Yes here it is, you can now create your own new look, a unique piece of Eye Artwork, something you have been searching for all these years! 

Pizzazz overload!! 

 ✴️ Choose your design front

✴️ Choose your design sides 

✴️ Mix n match your colours

✴️ Size to fit 


For individual or group bookings call   08 6117 2661 

or hit the book now button.

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