Lens types and upgrades




Non-prescription glasses can be a great accessory, adding beauty and charm. Adding our Blue Guardian lens will help to filter out harmful blue light emitted from your electronic devices. Our Polarised non-prescription sunglasses are both stylish and provide protection for your eyes from the sun.


Prescription readers are a single vision reading lens which offer only one prescription power throughout the whole of the lens and are most commonly used for close vision.

As we age, our eyes can no longer adjust as well. From the age of around 40, our eyes naturally begin to lose the ability to focus on close objects (this is called presbyopia). When you notice that your near vision becomes blurred, a pair of reading glasses will help to correct this. 

Prescription Readers will be made to your prescription and are available with any of our lens upgrades.



Distance glasses have a single field of vision, or one prescription power throughout the entire lens. They can correct for near-sightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. 

Distance glasses are generally used throughout the day and can be made to your prescription with any of our lens upgrades.



Progressive lenses have three viewing areas, distance, intermediate and near vision.

They are sometimes called multifocal or varifocal lenses. 

These lenses allow you to do close-up work (eg. reading a book), intermediate (eg. working on a computer), or distance viewing (eg. driving) without the inconvenience of changing between several pairs of glasses.

Our lenses are 100% Australian made, back surface Freeform progressives and available in Standard or Superior options:


Standard Progressive

Our standard progressive lens is a fully-aspheric, back surface Freeform progressive lens, manufactured with state of the art machinery which offers:

 ·        High quality design

·         Distinctively larger near-vision zone

·         Reduced astigmatism in the intermediate vision zone

·         Very high degree of adaptability

Available in standard, thin and ultra-thin, can also be clear, sun changing, or polarised sunglasses.


Superior Progressive

In addition to the features of our standard progressive, the superior lens has a wider view in the distance, intermediate and near, giving an optimum balance between far and near vision.

This lens has been optimised to facilitate a seamless movement through the intermediate and near zone.

This perfectly balanced lens is available in standard, thin and ultra-thin, can also be clear, sun changing or polarised sunglasses.





Anti-reflective coating often referred to as AR, or non-glare, is a reflection reducing coating that is applied to the surface of a lens, increasing light transmission by at least 7% and giving the wearer a far crisper, clearer visual experience.

The coating allows almost all available light to pass through the lens and enter the eye for outstanding vision results.

Anti-reflective coating will improve the appearance of your glasses by reducing reflections of light from the surface of the lens, making them look thinner and more transparent.
Due to the reduction of reflection, the wearer's lenses have an "almost invisible" look so facial features can be seen more naturally, and the wearer can look their best in all lighting conditions



Thin lenses are 30 to 35% thinner and lighter than a standard 1.5 standard index lens. We recommend upgrading to this lens if you have mid-range powers at +/- 2.50.

Ultra-Thin lenses are 35 to 40% thinner and lighter than a 1.5 standard index lens. These lenses are both lightweight and durable and we recommend this option for high prescriptions.

Either of our thin and ultra-thin lenses will reduce the magnification/minimisation effect of the eyes adding to the aesthetically pleasing finish.

Our thinner lenses are advised for semi-rimless frames due to their durability as they are both tough enough for this type of frame.



Our sun changing lens adjusts to outdoor lighting conditions by providing the right level of tint and returning to their clear state when indoors or at night.

The lenses shield harmful UVA/UVB light up to 400nm with maximum light reduction of up to 76% achieved within 25 seconds of exposure to UV light.

Great for anyone with an active lifestyle or a job that brings them from indoor to outdoor locations frequently (e.g outdoor/sports enthusiasts).

Ideal for people who prefer to have one pair of glasses that can handle many different light conditions.



Blue Guardian lenses have filters built into the lens that block or absorb the high-energy blue light from entering the eye, and aids in prevention of all harmful UVA and UVB energies.

Constant exposure to blue light emitted from digital devices may cause long-term damage to your retina and can effect your circadian rhythm (24 hour sleep-wake cycle).

This means if you use these glasses when looking at a screen, especially after dark, they can help reduce exposure to blue light waves that can affect your quality of sleep.

Blue light is emitted from electronic devices such as flat-screen monitors, televisions, smartphones, laptops and tablets. Overuse of these devices can cause digitally induced eyestrain and dry eyes. 



Polarised sunglasses reduce reflections from water and significantly improve your ability to see clearly beneath the surface of the ocean, river or lake whilst protecting your eyes in the sun. 

These sunglasses are perfect for anyone spending a lot of time outdoors in the sun.